With over a decade of experience, Dr. Amy Person DC, DICCP, has held positions and provided care for people not only locally but nationally and internationally as well.  Her experience as an associate in an orthopedic spine surgeon’s office has provided her the opportunity to treat patients with severe injuries not typically seen in a chiropractic office.  Her specialty in pediatric and maternal health was completed with an additional 3 years post doctorate work and an additional board exam held in Washington D.C. Dr. Person has utilized her background in sports to work with athletes of all ages, including an international collegiate track and field team, adolescents, and both semi-pro and professional athletes. She has retained patients in high profile occupations, international business professionals, entertainment professionals, and other physicians as well. She also treats families and children as a first line primary health care provider, working with other physicians as necessary to provide the most comprehensive care possible. By incorporating integrative healthcare into her patient treatment plans, she is able to address more health concerns and offer a greater level of health and healing. She is passionate about the care she provides and gives each patient her very best to help them achieve optimal health by utilizing a variety of techniques and working with a multidisciplinary approach.