woman-in-office-with-neck-painIn our busy corporate lives, often times our health takes last place.  Long hours at a desk or computer, traveling in cramped planes, beds and pillows that are not our own.  The thought of having to make an appointment to take care of ourselves, actually take the time to get to the appointment, wait in the waiting room, be seen for a few minutes, and get back to work after receiving quick mediocre care is not an option.  Do you suffer from headaches?  Upper back, shoulder and neck tension?  Do you have low back stiffness after sitting for a period of time?  Let me help you to feel better, without the hassle.  In a more convenient setting, on a more convenient schedule, with more in-depth personalized care.  Not only for yourself, but also your colleagues and employees.  I’m available for group appointments at your place of employment.

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