Healthcare has become symptom-based and band-aid approached.  It is similar to finding a leak in a pipe and patching the hole.  And keep patching and patching vs. figuring out why the pipe is leaking in the first place.  After years of a traditional practice and seeing patients who felt better temporarily, but still not feel well, I decided to switch my perspective and career path.  I felt this was necessary not only for my patients, but my self as well.

Our standard American diet (SAD) is wrecking havoc on our health.  Disease rates are increasing, obesity is happening at younger ages, and poor mental health is at epidemic levels.  Most people have tried to ‘diet’ at least once, if not off and on for most of their lives.  This false idea of health has clearly not worked on a global scale.  Rarely does dieting produce long term success.  What many don’t realize is that most diets are not necessarily nutrition based.  Nutrition based eating is what leads to improved and greater health.  Why?  Because food IS medicine.  And just like medicine should be specific to the individual, nutrition should also be.

Utilizing results from in-depth testing, a health program is created with components of nutrition, scientific based vitamin protocols and lifestyle changes, based on what you need.

This, to me, is where true health begins.  At the root.  And I hope you will join me on this journey.

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