pool-sideHealthcare has become a hassle for many people.  Waiting for an appointment, waiting in the waiting room, waiting in the treatment room, all for a quick appointment and rushed out the door.  This has significantly affected the care and satisfaction that people feel when seeking relief for their complaints.  But not only has this taken a toll on patients, it has taken a toll on physicians as well. After years of practice, I was feeling burned out with the rush of it all, and feeling disappointed in the care that I was giving my patients.  I felt forced into that traditional practice model of rushing through appointments.  I felt distracted by all of the outside responsibilities of running the office and staff and billing, taking my attention away from what really mattered.  My patients. I decided a change was needed.

By providing home and office appointments to my patients, not only did I feel happy and passionate again, my patients are receiving the quality of care that they deserve!  The comfort and convenience of me coming to them, the focus and attention that is on them without distractions, and the faster they improve due to the more comprehensive care they receive.

My Mission:  To put the patient first and take back healthcare!


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