dramy-photoHealthcare has become a hassle for many people. Waiting for an appointment, waiting in the waiting room, waiting in the treatment room; all for a quick appointment and then to be rushed out the door. In addition, healthcare has become narrowly focused and detached from an overall picture. Often times, we have to go to multiple physicians who only look at one small symptom when health really is intertwined and all encompassing. A symptom is usually the effect caused by a bigger underlying problem. But we are often boxed into “compartments,” where only one symptom is addressed by one physician vs. looking at the big picture. Many times this is treated with one medication after another. This has significantly affected the care and satisfaction that people feel when seeking relief for their complaints. But not only has this taken a toll on patients; it has taken its toll on physicians as well.

After years of practice, I was feeling disappointed and burned out in the care that I was providing to my patients. I felt forced into that traditional practice model of rushing through appointments, giving a narrow assessment and treatment focused solely on musculoskeletal health. I felt there was another level of health that wasn’t being properly addressed. Inflammation. Toxicity. Fatigue. After going through the gamut of the traditional healthcare system with my own health concerns, I discovered functional medicine. Healing the root cause from the inside out. No longer taking a “fix the symptom” approach. I decided a change was needed in my own practice model.

I created the “Get R.E.A.L.” program to start with a very customized nutrition plan to work on decreasing inflammation levels. From there came extensive further education and training on hormones and what their imbalances can do to the body. This has led me to become an integrated practitioner. The desire to get to the root of my patients’ health concerns and correct them from the inside out, for long-lasting results. I believe healthcare is not one size fits all. When a practitioner takes the time to get to the root of the problem and tailor the solution to the individual’s needs is when true health will begin.

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