Functional Medicine Certified Gut Health Practitioner

Your gut is your root.  More specifically, what is in, or not in, your gut.  At the root is where our entire health begins.  Not only your digestive system, but also your immune system, your mental health, inflammation levels, detoxification system, and much more.  Non-invasive testing to find out exactly what is going on in your gut, or what you may be eating that is causing detriment to your health, is important to determine how to improve and heal it.  Using a 5-R approach, Dr. Person has extensive training to address your gut health and get you on the right path to healthier living.


Women’s Health

Women’s health is a special subset of healthcare that Dr. Person is very passionate about. Often times, women’s symptoms are dismissed as being “over-worked;” “You’re fine, maybe you’re too busy. Try decreasing your stress;” and “The blood work says everything is normal.” You are left still feeling fatigued, not right, or off in general. You have tried everything to lose weight but nothing works. It must be you, your body doesn’t work normally, or you’re doing something wrong, right? WRONG! You begin to believe that this is just normal, and it must be in your head. When in reality, the right blood work has not been run to check deeper into hormone imbalances. The reason for this is because traditional medicine often doesn’t know how to correct it. Dr. Person is passionate about getting to the root cause of why you feel the way you do and correcting it long-term, helping you to get your life back on track.


Get R.E.A.L. Program

With over 15 years of practice experience, Dr. Amy Person has recognized the implications of inflammation on our bodies. It is the root of almost all disease processes. It not only causes pain but also affects our cardiovascular system, metabolic system, mental stamina, energy, weight gain, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and the list goes on. Dr. Person has done years of research to create a nutrition program using the top scientifically proven information that helps to decrease inflammation. This could also improve health conditions that are currently in process. Through a customized and hands on program, she has made health easy, simple, and sustainable. This isn’t a diet or “one size fits all” plan. She will interview you and get in-depth information about your health, run tests if needed, and then tailor the program to your unique needs.  She will help you make food work FOR you, not against you!


Family & Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Dr. Amy Person has a diplomate certification to specialize in family, pediatric and obstetric healthcare. This includes patients with not only common pregnancy and childhood complaints, but also more specialized and serious cases with significant conditions. She has also become an expert in her field on musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, and works as a consultant with other practitioners. She has licensure in four states and travels extensively throughout the country. Dr. Person offers private, in-home or office chiropractic care, and takes new patients on a consultation or direct referral basis.